You’re a Mormon? What does that mean?

You're a

Yes, friends, it is I. A Mormon. Or, as we prefer to be known, LDS. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You’ve heard of us. Some stuff true, some stuff completely ridiculous. Here are some links to hopefully answer your questions.

What exactly do you believe in? 

Do you really have to wear special underwear?

What is the Book of Mormon? Is it another Bible?

I heard Mormons don’t like gay people. Is that true?

Do Mormons believe in Christ? Do you still practice polygamy? What happens after we die? What goes on in Mormon temples?

That last one is a little cheating. But it links to the FAQ page on and let’s you easily click on topics, questions, and shows the answers. All without having to jump page to page. I’m not going to deny that some of our beliefs and practices seem odd, especially with some of the things that seem like no big deal. For example, sex before marriage. It’s shown on TV all the time. It’s an everyday thing. I’ve even heard people comment, “I have to take him/her for a test drive. I don’t want to stay with someone if the sex sucks.” I’m not going to deny that sex is great. But it’s not only fun, it’s sacred. Sometimes I just want to reconnect with my husband and that’s a great way to do it. (Go ahead and laugh at all the inappropriate puns I just triggered.) Here’s a great article on chastity and why we encourage to wait until after you’re married to have sex.

Have any other questions? is a great resource. You can even chat with a real live Mormon! Or hit me up. Either way, I hope you find the answers you’re looking for.

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Restaurant Review: Charley’s Philly Steaks

The hubby and I had an impromptu lunch date today along with Gator. We walked around the mall and decided to grab something to ear. At first we were going to get our favorite mall treat: pretzel bites. I love getting the cheese sauce to dip those buttery, salty, little balls of yumminess into. Ultimately we decided that we were a tad bit more hungry than what pretzel bites would fill, so we walked the food court and found Charley’s Philly Steaks. 


We’re big fans of cheesesteaks. Meat, cheese, and a yeasty bun? Count me in! I ordered the pepperoni steak combo with fries and  a drink while the hubby went with the bacon 3 cheese steak combo. I convinced him to get the gourmet fries with cheese, bacon, and ranch with his. 

  Price wise it wasn’t bad. Just over $20. The fries were thick and yummy. The older I get, the less I like the shoestring fries. I paired mine with Utah’s fav fries condiment: fry sauce. Dillion’s fries were pretty good. If we ever go back I would order them with just the cheese as I wasn’t fond of the ranch or bacon. Now onto the good stuff! Or in this case, the not so good stuff. My pepperoni steak didn’t even taste like it had pepperoni. The few pieces I found were paper thin and all to one side. The steak wasn’t that impressive either. Overall, I felt it was kinda bland. It did fill me up though. Dillion wasn’t too impressed with his cheesesteak either. I gave our meal a 3/5 because the fries were good and it did fill me up. Dillion gave it a 2/5. That gives us a rating of 2.5 for Charley’s Philly Steaks.